Medical and Healthcare Water Treatment Solutions

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Safe and Reliable Water for Hospital and Healthcare Applications

Water is used throughout a hospital – for steam generation, heating/cooling, sterilization of surgical instruments, dialysis treatment – and so the quality of water has a huge impact on the health, safety and comfort of your patients and staff.

But often the management of the water systems is left to multiple suppliers and service providers, making management complex and time consuming.

Culligan can provide you with a Total Water Solution Equipment, chemicals and Service from one leading supplier.

All of our water treatment products and services comply with the strictest medical and healthcare standards.

Water Applications for Hospital include:

Patient Rooms

You need the best water in the most important place in your facility: the patients’ rooms.

This is where successful patient recovery takes place.

Culligan offers a range of in-room solutions including point-of-use filtration solutions for shower heads, in-room drinking water, and point-of-entry water treatment for all the water used in the rooms.


Water treatment for patient rooms - Culligan


Culligan’s range of hemodialysis water treatment systems have been successfully and reliably used in hospitals for over 20 years.

Constantly updated with the latest technology all our systems conform to the strictest medical device standards including UNI EN ISO 13485:2004.

Our service teams are experienced in maintaining dialysis water systems, and with our national coverage can be on-site in the shortest possible time.

Learn more about Culligan’s Products for Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis water treatments - Culligan

Boiler Room & Cooling Systems

Smooth and efficient operation of your boilers and cooling systems are essential to serve your patients and staff.

Culligan Water Softeners, Deionizers, Reverse Osmosis, chemicals and full-service solutions are all designed to keep your plant operating safely and efficiently without un-planned shutdowns.

Culligan offer also a wide range of treatment programs designed to cover all aspects of legionella control and management – from carrying out risk assessments, conducting ongoing monitoring, analysis using accredited laboratories, through to water treatment using equipment and chemical disinfection.


Cooling water tower treatment - Culligan

Hydrotherapy / Swimming pools / Rehabilitation Centre

Culligan are famous for creating beautiful swimming pools and wellness centers throughout Italy.

The Culligan Piscine brand provides best in class swimming pool water filtration, disinfection and maintenance solutions to all types of swimming pools, including pools with therapeutic and rehabilitative purposes.


Water hydrotherapy - Culligan


Culligan’s Commercial Water Filter Systems and Commercial Water Softeners will keep your laundry looking great and extend its life as well.

They can also help save on your detergent and chemical costs every month.


laundry water solutions - Culligan

Foodservice and Restaurants

Water is a critical part of great tasting and safe food and drink.

From steam trays to coffee services, ice and beverage machines, Culligan has water treatment solutions for all your food service needs.

Prevent spots and marks on your glass and dinnerware with a Culligan’s water softener. Soft water can also reduce your need for detergents, and extend the life of your equipment by preventing scale buildup.

Culligan’s Bottle-Free coolers, bottled water delivery services and drinking water systems can provide great tasting Culligan water.


Water for food and service industry - Culligan

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