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Water for Hotel and Hospitality - Culligan

Culligan: Hotel and Hospitality Solutions

Water is used everywhere in a hotel – for cooking, drinking, heating/cooling, bathing and laundry. So the quality of the water running through your property can have a huge impact on the comfort and safety of your guests and staff as well as your operating costs. Yet often the management of the water systems is fragmented and left to multiple suppliers and service providers, making management complex and time consuming.

Let Culligan provide you with a Total Water Solution Equipment, Chemicals and Service from one leading supplier.

Hotel Rooms

The hotel room is the place where most customers will decide whether they will use your hotel or not in the future. Your customers will drink from your glasses, put ice in their drinks from the ice machines in the corridors, and wash with the water in the bathrooms. So it must look good, feel good, taste great and be hygienic.

As well as whole-hotel water treatment systems Culligan also provide a range of point-of-use solutions such as cartridge filters, and shower head and faucet mounted filters.


Water treatment for hotel and hospitality industry - Glasses no spot - Culligan

Foodservice & Restaurant

When a guest sits down for a meal, you and your guests want your glassware to sparkle and your dinnerware to be free from spots and marks. Culligan’s water softeners remove the minerals that cause spots on glassware and dinnerware and can reduce your need for detergents, whilst extending the life of your equipment by preventing scale buildup.

Water is also a critical part of great tasting food and drink. From steam trays to coffee services, ice and beverage machines, Culligan has water treatment solutions for all your food service and restaurant needs


Water for food and service industry - Culligan


Culligan’s Water Filters and Water Softeners will keep your laundry looking great, extending its life whilst reducing detergent, chemical and energy usage helping you improve your environmental impact.

Scientific studies1 have shown that use of water softeners can improve stain removal efficacy, and reduce detergent dosages at lower temperatures. Research2 has also shown that softened water also can help improve the life of your laundry by reducing the potential for detergent scum to deposit between fibres of laundry during the washing cycle thereby reducing abrasion between fibres.

1 – Water Quality Association – Study Findings and Executive Summaries Softened Water Benefits Study
2 – YMCA Laundry Study, evaluation of the relative effects of Hardness, Detergent Dose and Temperature on Stain Removal Efficacy of laundry Machines, 2011


The benefits of soft water - Culligan

Boiler Room & Cooling Systems

Smooth and efficient operation of your boilers and cooling systems are essential to maximise the comfort of your guests at minimal operating cost. Culligan Water Softeners, Portable Exchange Deionizers, Reverse Osmosis, and chemicals are all designed to keep your plant operating safely and efficiently without un-planned shutdowns. Culligan also offer an array of full-service solutions that will help keep your utility plant working efficiently and reliably.


water treamtment boiler room - Culligan

Swimming Pools & Health Clubs

Culligan are famous for creating beautiful swimming pools throughout Italy. The Culligan Piscine brand provides best in class swimming pool water filtration, disinfection and maintenance solutions to keep your pool water clean and sparkling.

Culligan’s Bottle-Free® coolers and bottled water delivery services provide great Culligan water for your guests as they work out in your gym.


swimming pool solutions - Culligan

Spas and beauty salons

If your facility offers beauty and/or hairdressing services, you’ll want your customers to leave with their hair and skin feeling great by using soft, chlorine-free water. Culligan’s commercial water treatment solutions for hair and beauty salons will do all this and more.


Waste and reuse Water

As water scarcity and stress increases, pressure to optimise water usage is increasing all the time. Many customers expect a strong commitment to the environment from hotel providers. A complete treatment solution must now consider reducing water consumption through the reuse and recycling of wastewater. Uses of this important resource include landscape irrigation and toilet flushing. This requirement need not be a burden,  Efficient water usage can lead to reduced costs as well as lower environmental impact.



waste water solutions - Culligan

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